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A man to bugger me after work

by Clara submissive slut
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A proposal for a meeting to bugger me … A few days ago, I receive a message by email. Message from a man who told me not go far from home this Wednesday evening. It offers me a break at home with a bottle of champagne to fuck me in the room. Several days talking with him, This handsome man insists he would love to use my ass. He wants to plant his cock and fill it so I accept this indecent proposal. I'm never against a sodomy sex encounter

Man arrives at 21:30. I do enter the house dressed like a slut. I just got out of my work there is barely an hour. I still head a little but we also have a drink and then I take the direction of my room. He follows me to the bed and starts groping my pussy and ass. I feel a certain impatience to bugger me.

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He timidly pressed a finger, certainly thinking that my ass is too delicate or I'm too prudish to be several. I do not know so I dare not say anything. The cuckold looks at me with the fingers of the man in the ass and masturbates. He did not long resist the urge to kiss me from behind in front of this stranger. Since he got up in the morning, he thinks his bitch is going to get screwed with good sodomy. He no longer holds. I suspected that he saw sent me a lot of sms 🙂

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Bastard happening behind me. He stands behind my ass and stuffs my cunt while I pump the cock of my guest. It enjoys fairly quickly and fills my pussy. I wipe my sperm vagina spits then I reach my hip to my guest. He comes after me in turn to fuck me in a quick anal party.

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The emptied scholarships, man leaves the room and hit the road to go home.

Throughout the meetings I am aware of my favorite. I like to have met a person at least once, it puts me more at ease. I am very (or too) reserved. The speed plans sex in a room that's not my super trick. I want to fuck me in the afternoon in outdoor locations or be invited in a man. It is much more exciting but I find that all these men are timid and conventional enough. Should I find myself a lover or more Regular Lovers ? Fuckers and adventurers for anal sex encounter or other naughty games theme ? Maybe ! 🙂

Sunday in theory I should receive two gentlemen BI sixties in the afternoon. I have to serve them empty testicle with a small video very nice orgy. Normally… because withdrawals are frequent. The joys of the internet, bidonnés of chat and dating sites… ha ha ha. Kisses. Clara

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